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Please also read our Terms and Conditions page.


Face Painting:

Our artists paint approximately 10 - 12 faces per hour, please bear this in mind when booking one or two painters for your event so as not to cause disappointment to participants. 


Hosts, left in charge of any children without their parent/carer, are responsible for obtaining permission from the parent for that child to participate.  A ready-made permission form is available by email on request.  The client will be responsible for ensuring only participating people approach the artist for a design.  It is the parent’s/carer’s responsibility to ensure the child’s mouth and nose are wiped and face is CLEAN and DRY before being seated for painting. 


We will help any small child onto our chairs and let the more capable climb on themselves - no child should climb onto the chair without prior permission. Within the face painting area parents and carers are responsible for their children at all times! Artists cannot be expected to supervise children and provide a quality service.  For safety reasons, children are not permitted to play in the face painting area, to touch or play with the paints and equipment. Imaginations Wild Face Painting will not be held liable for any damage or injuries should this occur.

As face paint is not recommended for children under 2 years old, we will paint on any child over 2 years of age who is happy to have their face painted. If at any point the child objects we will stop painting. If a child is reluctant to have his or her face painted, we will not comply with the wishes of the parent or carer over the desire of the child - we will only paint a child that wants to be painted! Young children do not always understand face painting, if they seem uncertain, we prefer to give them a small design on the hand or arm that may be more enjoyable for them. They can see what is being done, feel in control of the situation, and can look at it and enjoy it for the rest of the day. 

People who should not participate:

  • Anyone who appears to be suffering from Chicken Pox, Measles, Rubella, Impetigo, Scabies, Cold Sores, Conjunctivitis or who suffer from Eczema or have open cuts and sores, or any other infectious illnesses. A child who is generally unwell - we will be unable to paint anyone suffering from cold/flu symptoms. Hay fever sufferers are advised to have a motif on the cheek, hand or arm (this leaves the nose and mouth area smudge-free for tissues).

  • Children who are reluctant, too wriggly or asleep!


  • Children less than two years of age. 

  • Anyone who has sensitive skin or prone to allergies.
    However, a skin patch test can be carried out on the inside of the arm on parent/carer’s request and left for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. If there is no reaction, they can be painted on their face. Alternatively, we will be happy to paint the person's hand or arm, as these areas are less sensitive. If we are not informed of any allergies or sensitivity, we will not be held liable for allergic reactions to paints.


The artist reserves the right to refuse:

  • Anyone that is or seems to fall in any of the categories mentioned above.

  • Anyone that is abusive, violent or intoxicated.

  • Anything that could be considered as offensive.

  • Inappropriate parts of the body.

Safety and hygiene:

All products used by Imaginations Wild have been designed for professional use and meet all FDA and European safety guidelines. These paints contain anti-bacterial agents and are hypo-allergenic; they are water based and wash off easily with mild soap and water. Our brushes and sponges are thoroughly cleaned between jobs. If any of our brushes or paints come into contact with blood they will be discarded.


Clean-up Instructions:

It is very simple to remove face and body paint when one has been painted with high-quality products. Simply follow these simple steps: 

  • Gently rub your skin with a moisturising agent or mild soap. Popular choices are baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, cold cream, etc. If it is safe and gentle on your skin, and highly moisturising, it will work in your favour. 

  • Loosen up the face paint with your fingertips. The face paint will begin to lift off the skin. 

  • Wipe your skin very gently with a warm damp cloth.  Use a gentle cleaner to remove the rest - any very gentle cleanser will do.

  • Rinse and then dry your face. 


Certain colours of face and body paint make-up can lightly discolour some people's skin. This will fade away as the skin creates its own natural oils. If you would like to speed this process along, try some additional lotion or coconut oil with a cotton ball.

​We will exercise reasonable caution but will not be held responsible for damage to clothing or property. Face paints can be removed from clothes using cold water and stain removal products.

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